About Me

This blog was born out of working mother guilt.  I'm an attorney, a wife, a mother. I am barely holding it all together..... blah blah blah.

I thought, because my children only see me during the precious hours of 5 and 8, that I would try to maintain a blog to show them I love them, that I was really here, and I cared. And I do. 

At first, motherhood was all warm fuzzies and babies and bunnies. Okay, that is a lie.

From pregnancy to childbirth... then actually having the children walking around and talking back... the whole thing is crazy.  Like motherhood is... really.... crazy.  

My agenda? Figuring out what "having it all" really means...and how to get it. Now. Now. Now!!

Things I love (in this order):
God. Onion rings. Husband. Kids. Family. Quiet time. Reese's peanut butter cups. Painting. Cabernet Sauvignon. And most recently, triathlon. I love so much about triathlon, I find it hard to express. I have managed to stake out this newest passion and cling to it. [It's saving me thousands in therapy.]  I am also known as "Swim Bike Mom" and do most of my blogging here.

Things I Hate:
Copycats. Smug parents. Dry feet.  Regret. Regret. Regret.

My Dream Job:
I imagine it has to be happening soon.

This is my life. Welcome to it. Keep your judgments to yourself.  But feel free to make fun of me.